The Mass Formation Psychosis of Taking Iron

There is no clearer example of mass formation psychosis than billions of people happily consuming one of the most harmful heavy metals on this planet: Iron.


You don’t need to be a medical medium to understand that oxygen + iron = rust (although someone should probably tell him). In bodies loaded with oxygen, what would one expect from a lifetime of consuming iron-fortified foods and supplements? A lot of rust, everywhere. This rust is what the medical system labels as disease. It manifests in many different ways, in different areas of the body. Whether it’s called cancer, heart disease, or X, Y, Z, – itis, it’s an iron toxicity issue.

Before we go any further, I fully recognize that not everyone is overloaded with iron and that some people might actually be iron deficient. But these two extremes are not who I am referring to–I’m referring to the vast majority of people who do not present clearly as either deficient or toxic in medical terms. These are the ones who think they are ok, but who largely have hidden excess iron in their tissues.

For a basic primer, check the RCP 101 video series or read up here.

You see, Mama nature designed our bodies to hold onto iron, so the only way we really get rid of it is through bleeding (and a little through sweating). Women have a clear advantage here, but even for them it’s not enough to combat the onslaught from our diets and supplements.

Anytime you hear the word anti-oxidant your mind should think— “accident with oxygen” which is always an iron issue at the core. Medicine fully acknowledges that oxidative stress is the cause of disease and aging, yet they don’t seem to get the whole iron + oxygen thing for some reason. Yes, we need iron, but we don’t need to eat it. We have an iron recycling system that re-uses the iron already in our body. The problem is that it isn’t working because it’s reliant on copper and retinol. So there is the final nail in the coffin. Copper has been removed from the food supply over the past century and retinol from animal fats replaced with toxic seed oils. Add in a fortification program that puts actual metal filings into baby formula and we get a recipe for what we see today: 1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer and the rest will end up with heart disease, or some other chronic condition.

The mechanism by which Iron wreaks havoc is complex, but essentially iron overload leads to magnesium loss, which leads to 1/3 of all enzymes not functioning, which leads metabolic disfunction, which leads to symptoms and various diagnoses.

If your doctor or health practitioner is still telling you to take iron, or supplements that destroy copper (Ascorbic Acid, D3, Zinc, etc.) they are stuck in a medical paradigm that has brought about the worst health outcomes in all of human history. It’s time to wake up the sleeping masses.

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