Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Hamid, and I facilitate profound healing and self-discovery through a woven tapestry of holistic modalities—from the ancient forests of the Amazon to the modern lens of lab testing—that tap into timeless wisdom backed by science. As a health coach and guide on this winding path, I integrate mineral balancing, plant medicine traditions, somatic therapy, lifestyle shifts and compassionate counsel to help clients transform their health from the inside out.

My approach stems from my own ongoing healing journey through mysterious symptoms, perpetual questioning, and digging relentlessly toward root causes of imbalance. I found answers in the mountains of Peru apprenticing with warm-hearted curanderos, in the texts of Ayurveda written thousands of years prior with insight still resonant today, through pioneers like Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer who compel us to listen deeper to the body’s signals, and in mineral test patterns that reveal the intimate dance between nutrients, genetics and vitality.

Along the way, I discovered how emotional stress, past trauma, and nutritional imbalance can silently blossom into disease. But I also learned firsthand that our bodies, minds and spirits innately know how to heal. They want nothing more than to realign with their highest potential. Through keen listening, strategic interventions and compassionate support, I guide others to remember, trust and manifest this inner wisdom once again.

Bridging Worlds of Wisdom

I bring a diverse set of credentials and certifications to my practice from respected institutions, teachers and healing arts lineages. These include a Bachelor of Music from NYU; a Juris Doctorate from UCLA; extensive yoga teacher training and multiple Thai massage certifications from Thailand; designation as a Root Cause Protocol Consultant trained under pioneer Morley Robbins in the specialized field of mineral balancing; along with continual learning directly from plant medicine traditions themselves. I blend these perspectives to provide a uniquely holistic, cross-disciplinary approach tuned to the individual.

Finding Havens of Peace

I draw daily inspiration from the soothing beauty of nature that surrounds my desert home. My teacher is the land herself – whispering wisdom in the gentle babble of wild streams that I visit often with my loyal pup Baba in tow. We playfully wade through healing waters that flow from sacred mountains into this high Sonoran basin.

These oases nourish and center me, as does immersing in silent darkness inside a float tank or sweating out accumulated stress sitting still in an enveloping infrared cocoon. In many ways, deep rest and communion with the elements is my full-time occupation.

When people ask what I do, I reply that I’m devoted to understanding and mastering the art of self-care. From this solid foundation springs my life’s work of humbly guiding others to discover their unique paths back to wholeness. For I’ve walked the winding roads of chronic imbalance myself and continue learning, growing and questioning along this eternal journey of embodied spirit.

I’m fueled by curiosity about how we thrive and driven to share hard-won knowledge that could liberate someone else sooner. What mysteries of the body shall we unravel and integrate next together? What emerging perspectives might shift our healing paradigm once more toward hidden truths? I’m grateful for wise teachers, lessons gained through struggle and the inspiration of this mountainous playground that recharges my spirit daily.

Journeys in Sound

Music flows through my spirit since childhood, leading me to study the guitar, electronic sounds and the profound impact of vibration. After graduating NYU, I dove deeper into sound and mindfulness practices.

I now offer sound meditation sessions focused on listening for inner insight. My compositions invoke meditative states with various instruments: gongs, crystal bowls, flutes, voice and percussion. I also provide training for Sound Practitioners and guide others to unlock sound’s transformational potential, without attachment to prescriptive outcomes.

Yet my deepest offerings reside at my dedicated site, www.hamidjabbar.com. There you’ll discover my contemplative music, educational resources on resonance, upcoming local events in Phoenix, remote sessions, practitioner programs, and pathways to elevate consciousness through therapeutic sound immersion.

If you feel drawn to experience sound as a catalyst for expanded awareness and embodied nourishment, please visit my portal. Meet me within the infinite world of insight where meditative vibration leads the way.