Echoes of the Andean Heart: Awakening in the Sacred Valley

Join us for a life-changing journey of communion, heart-opening, and celebration as we connect with the ancestral medicine of Huachuma (San Pedro) in its sacred homeland – Peru’s magical Sacred Valley.

10 Transformational Days, 2 Mystical Huachuma Ceremonies, 6-month container

July 4th-14th, 2024

On this soul-stirring journey, we will tap into the ancient wisdom of Huachuma (San Pedro), embarking on a deep inner quest of growth, self-realization and spiritual awakening in the timeless Sacred Valley of the Incas. Building on the successes of last year’s inaugural pilgrimage, which sparked profound healing and life-changing insights for all who took part, we now excitedly prepare this special container to hold another group of courageous voyagers ready to plunge into the alchemical fires of deep soul transformation.

Nestled amidst the gentle majesty of the Andes, you will peel back profound layers of old patterns, reclaim lost parts of yourself, and reconnect with your authentic gifts to bring back into the world. This is a journey of a lifetime – through expertly-facilitated Huachuma ceremonies guided by a gifted Maestro Huachumero, you’ll discover who you truly are beneath the surface-level masks so many wear today.

This sacred medicine path calls to those feeling the nudge towards radical self-inquiry and a desire to heal at the deepest levels of body, mind and soul. It requires earnest self-work, trust, and the willingness to courageously surrender to a process of total metamorphosis.

If this is the inner prompting your heart has been waiting for, join us on this once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage of initiation, wholeness and joyful celebration under the starlit Skies of Antiquity.

About Huachuma

Huachuma, commonly known as San Pedro, is a sacred cactus native to the majestic Andean highlands of Peru. Its name was bestowed by Spanish conquistadors who felt this ancient plant opened heavenly portals – thus associating it with Saint Peter (San Pedro). In truth, Huachuma’s shamanic use dates back millennia, long before the arrival of Catholicism.

Several closely-related Trichocereus species make up this family of cacti found across Peru. From the thin, spineless plants of lowland deserts to the thick, towering columns covered in spines in higher mountain elevations, Huachuma is regarded as a powerful ancestral medicine. While ornamental San Pedro hybrids have been cultivated abroad, traditional healers use specifically-potent Andean strains to induce visionary states.

In experienced hands, Huachuma is an invaluable ally for healing and self-discovery. Its effects have been described as a mirror into the fragmented soul, illuminating the hidden shadows and lost parts of ourselves we often suppress or deny. By stripping away layers of conditioned behaviors and protective mechanisms, we can reconnect to our essential nature beyond programming and ego. This “reset” catalyzes emotional healing, insight and alignment with our life’s deeper purpose.

Yet with great power comes great responsibility. Huachuma ceremonies require patience, courage and full engagement in this transformative process. By opening our hearts and minds without resistance, we allow the medicine to work its magic. Profound personal growth awaits those who approach this experience with proper reverence.

The Container

Six Months of Guidance: Opening Circle Begins June 3rd

To fully embed the retreat’s transformations, our journey features a 6-month container holding pre-trip preparation, the retreat itself, and post-trip integration support.

4 Weeks Pre-Retreat: Virtual Sessions Begin June 3rd

In the month prior to departure, we will meet weekly online to form connections, crystallize intentions, and optimize mind/body readiness to receive Huachuma’s gifts.

Exploring topics like:

  • Modern vs. ancient paradigms of healing
  • Psychedelics and mineral/cellular health
  • Huachuma as “heart-opener”
  • Logistics and intention-setting


We ask that you read “San Pedro Huachuma: Opening the Pathways of the Heart” by Javier Regueiro beforehand to familiarize yourself with central themes we will be exploring.

As part of preparation, each participant will receive a personalized 1:1 mineral analysis to identify and correct any deficiencies, inflammation or calcification already present. Starting in a balanced state allows Huachuma to achieve deeper-layers of healing.

Post-Retreat Integration: Virtual Sessions Continue

To harvest the most from this experience, we will continue meeting for 4 more monthly sessions upon returning home. This gives us a chance to nurture fledgling insights from Huachuma by sharing our process and revelations within a compassionate community.

Rather than an isolated event, our journey becomes a 6-month initiation facilitating authentic growth and embodiment.

Your Guides​

Hamid Jabbar

Hamid is a multifaceted space holder merging modern and ancient healing modalities into his practice. As @mineralshaman, he reaches followers worldwide with wisdom on using minerals for physical healing to emotional processing to spiritual growth. His research explores mineral health’s role in preparing for and integrating plant medicine journeys.

Through loving presence and a lifetime of insatiable curiosity, Hamid creates spaces for people to transform their relationship with body, mind and spirit. His own travels have fueled passion for sound healing, plant medicines, meditation and more. By sharing these tools, he inspires the inner work that enables harmony in every aspect of life.

Miguel Mendiburu

Miguel has offered sacred Huachuma ceremonies for over 20 years from his home base in Peru’s Sacred Valley. Known for gently guiding participants into transformative states of unity, love and remembering our true nature, his ceremonial style helps crystallize profound insights to evolve consciousness.

By creating a safe container and working intricately with Huachuma, Miguel facilitates:

  • Release of limiting beliefs
  • Heart opening
  • Healing past traumas
  • Reconnecting with life purpose
  • Overall balance across mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels

Through Huachuma’s loving wisdom as teacher, ally and illuminator of our innermost terrain, space unfolds for forgiveness, reconciliation and the lifting of heavy energetic burdens accumulated through life experience.


Our accommodations will be Martina Wasi, a beautiful private villa just a short 10-minute walk from the heart of Pisac in Peru’s enchanting Sacred Valley. This traditionally-built Andean villa sits amidst over 4,000 square meters of gardens and farmland, backed by epic mountain vistas.

Decorated in vibrant local textiles and handicrafts, the home features four bedrooms with ten beds across shared rooms, each with a private ensuite bathroom. There are also two spacious common areas centered around a cozy fireplace where we can relax and integrate experiences. A lovely dining room, game area, full kitchen and laundry facilities ensure a comfortable stay. Outside, the grounds burst with life. Chickens, guinea pigs and a friendly goat roam the small farm.

Just a short scenic walk from our doorstep, the quaint village of Pisac awaits with its famous artisan markets, ancient Incan ruins, lively cafes and yoga/meditation centers. Throughout the centuries, Pisac has drawn spiritual seekers from afar to bask in its nourishing exchange of old and new worlds. The perfect launchpad for our otherworldly journey ahead!

Daily Rhythm

Our days follow a relaxed flow—a balance of shared activities and ample personal space. We open with a circle alongside Miguel to crystallize intent before embarking on this soul voyage together. Two days will be wholly devoted to extended Huachuma ceremonies—one unfolding from sunrise-sunset amid mountain’s energy, the other through starry night surrounded by the fire’s glow.

On other days, mornings begin gathered around the table for farm-fresh breakfasts. Middle days invite mind/body centering via yoga, visiting ancient temples, opening to the land’s ancestral wisdom. Feel free to explore Pisac’s bustling markets and thriving healing arts scene—artisan textiles, terraced trails back to the Incans, connective community. As amber dusk fades to twilight, we reconvene to break bread, share around the fire timeless alchemy of laughter, stillness, song and storytelling.

We close full-circle with Miguel to distill teachings before departing, carrying the magic homeward. The days welcome claiming rest amidst intense periods of joyous inner excavation. We gently guide while you set the pace— surrendering into an archaeological dig of the soul.

Sample Itinerary

  • Thursday July 4 – Arrive Cusco, taxi to Pisac. Check into Villa
  • Friday July 5 – Rest from travel. Walking tour of Pisac.
  • Saturday July 6 – Opening circle with Miguel at his temple in Taray for intention setting
  • Sunday July 7 – Free day to explore markets/relax.
  • Monday July 8 – First Huachuma Ceremony (Mountain)
  • Tuesday July 9 – Integrate, rest, light group activity
  • Wednesday July 10 – Community gathering & activities
  • Thursday July 11 – Second Huachuma Ceremony (Fire)
  • Friday July 12 – Rest, integrate after ceremony
  • Saturday July 13 – Closing circle with Miguel at his temple in Taray, integrate
  • Sunday July 14 – Departures & taxi to Cusco

About Pisac & Peru's Sacred Valley

Nestled at the lower end of the breath-taking Sacred Valley of the Incas, the peaceful village of Pisac has drawn spiritual seekers for centuries to its cradling energy and living legacy of Andean cosmology.

Lined with stone-cobbled pathways and backed by towering granite peaks, Pisac’s quaint streets feature lively farmer’s markets bursting with fresh produce, juices and made-to-order breakfasts. Conscious eateries serve sustaining superfoods cultivated in the adjacent terraces and farms through the millennia.

Each Sunday, the Plaza de Armas transforms into a vibrant artisan market with textiles, handicrafts and instruments from intricately woven alpaca ponchos to hand-carved flutes. The “Shamanic Alley” overflows with Andean medicinal herbs, incense and mystical items.

Above town, the Pisac Ruins’s temple walls and ritual baths reveal the extraordinary masonry skills and cosmic orientation of Incan culture. Crisscrossed with sparkling acequias (irrigation canals), one imagines these terraces nurturing life for future generations.

The Vilcanota River rushes below as a vital vein connecting the Sacred Valley’s life-force with the heartbeat of the Amazon beyond. No wonder Pisac has been called the “Valley of Wellbeing”, attracting truth-seekers through the ages.

What's Included

  • 10 nights accommodations at Martina Wasi Villa
  • Ground transport – airport transfers, ceremonies
  • 2 Huachuma ceremonies facilitated by Maestro Miguel
  • Pre-ceremony intention circles & post-ceremony integration
  • 2 daily group meals: breakfast & dinner
  • Shared rooms (single gender), private bathrooms
  • Private room option available for additional cost
  • Nightly community time by the fireplace
  • Optional activities: sound baths, cacao ceremonies
  • 1:1 guidance: Hair Mineral Analysis, lab review
  • 6-month container:
    • 4 Weekly pre-trip video calls
    • Preparation recommendations
    • Post-trip integration circles

What is Not Included

  • Airfare to/from Cusco (we’ll help coordinate flights)
  • Some meals so we can experience Pisac’s wonderful restaurants together. The town boasts an abundance of cafes, markets, bakeries and groceries just a short walk away. Costs are inexpensive, making trying new spots part of the adventure – we’ll offer recommendations! Villa kitchen available to prep lunches/snacks if desired.
  • Additional wellness activities that may interest the group: cacao circles, ecstatic dance, temazcal (sweat lodge), sound healings, etc. We’re happy to provide connections if collective interest arises.


Spaces are limited to 8 participants for an intimate experience.

Shared Rooms (7 available)

  • Early Bird (before May 1st): $3,500
  • After May 1st: $4,000

Private Room (1 available)

  • Early Bird (before May 1st): $4,500
  • After May 1st: $5,000


  • $500 deposit to reserve your spot
  • 50% of balance due June 1st
  • Remaining balance due June 15th


To apply, please thoroughly complete our online registration form – all questions are important to determine fit for this uniquely intensive experience.

Due to the physical, mental and emotional readiness required, applicants will receive individual responses regarding next steps to submit deposits/payments.

Upon registration, detailed preparation guidance will be emailed covering:

  • Comprehensive packing checklists
  • Flight coordination
  • Any other trip logistics

We will be readily available to answer all questions leading up to departure and look forward to supporting your process!