Our Offerings

Our Intention

We want everyone we work with to come into balance – whether seeking help with health, wealth, happiness or desire. We take a whole-person approach spanning emotional, physical, spiritual and beyond. Yes, we use lab insights, but more importantly we empower clients to move beyond labs into embodied wisdom. Since every situation differs, modalities unfold uniquely.

How We Work

Typically we’ll begin with a complete look at your minerals via an in-depth consultation. For one-time consultations, pricing is listed in the online calendar. For ongoing support spanning a month or more, we craft responsive containers based on need.

Lab and HTMA Review

We offer limited mineral-focused consultations explaining lab tests/HTMAs for those following principals of Root Cause Protocol. In these sessions:

  • We review labs/HTMAs in detail
  • We understand symptoms and life stressors
  • We introduce protocol basics and diet/supplement modifications
  • We demystify complex iron, copper, magnesium and vitamin A interactions
  • We empower health ownership while providing guidance

Email follow-up is included with all consultations. Full mentorship can include ongoing support, calls and continued guidance as desired.

Plant Medicine Integration

We specialize in preparation and integration support for plant medicine/psychedelic journeys, knowing proper mineral levels are currently overlooked yet vital for smooth passage. For those needing focused integration assistance, discounted calls are available post-journey. We help weave insights into sustainable self-care.

Ready to Talk?

Please use the contact us and we will reach out to you to set up a consultation.