Mineral Coaching

What We Do

We help people balance their minerals and heal from all manner of physical, mental, and emotional conditions. Our approach involves individual counseling and consultation, review of labs, and expert guidance in a proven protocol for increasing bio-available copper, magnesium, restoring adrenal function, and resolving acute and chronic symptoms.

A lot of our work involves people who are engaging with the practices of psychedelic-assisted therapy and the plant medicine traditions. We specialize in preparing people for this work and ensuring that they are well-balanced throughout. If your practitioner has prescribed supplements and/or a diet without knowledge of the complex way that minerals work in the body, we can help.

How We Work

For most people, we will set up consultation session via video conference or telephone to establish our relationship and go over your unique situation:

  • We will review detailed labwork and Hair Mineral Tissue Analysis (HTMA)
  • We will get a detailed understanding of your situation, the symptoms playing out in your body, and any major stress factors that can be remedied. We will also advise you about whether labwork would be beneficial, or any other testing services.
  • We will introduce you to the basics of our protocol, if you are not already working with it, and get you started.
  • We will answer any questions you have about diet, supplementation, and other supportive practices.
  • We will demystify the issues surrounding iron, copper, magnesium and retinol which are incredibly complex, but simple to address.
  • We will ensure you feel supported and empowered in making your own health decisions.
Unlimited Support
We also offer a limited number of unlimited support clients at any given time. For these clients, we provide two calls per month, one of which can be a detailed lab review and analysis. We also make ourselves available for our monthly support clients via email and text messaging throughout the month. Essentially, this is an on-call service for those who want deeper levels of support and guidance.

Plant Medicine and Psychedelic Preparation and Integration

Much of our experience involves working at the intersection of plant medicines, psychedelic assisted therapy, and whole-person healing through minerals, diet, and integrative practices. No plant medicine practitioners or psychotherapists that we know of currently do thorough screening of minerals prior to working with clients, and we feel this is a huge mistake. If you are embarking on a journey with plant medicines, psychedelics, or attempting to come out of such a journey with grace, we can help.


Ready to Talk?

Please use the contact us and we will reach out to you to set up a consultation.