Mineral Shaman

Nature is Inherently Self-Healing

Take a moment and realize that you have grown every cell in your body from two cells united in your Mother’s womb. You are a miracle. There is no other word to describe it and even as you read this sentence, your body is regrowing itself at the rate of millions of cells every second. In fact, you have regrown every cell in your body multiple times–you are constantly regrowing yourself. Healing, as that term is conceived in my mind, is nothing more than growth and regrowth. 

This is why I believe the term “disease” is a misconception of how our bodies, minds, and this Universe works. The symptoms that fill the pages of medical textbooks and which receive thousands of labels are always attempts by the body at adapting itself to the conditions of our lives. There is no medical disease as it’s largely conceived–nothing going wrong, although it may seem like that if you take an incorrect lens. But, to think outside this paradigm requires new eyes, a new vocabulary, energy and curiosity to break free and settle into the deep comfort of knowing that everything is as it should be, and that we are capable of many adaptations.

Where It Started

For the last century, modern societies have been down a path of medicine that has largely attempted to respond to the damaging effects of our lifestyles and environments by suppressing symptoms. While most doctors enter the profession with a sincere desire to heal people, the system itself prevents true healing in most cases of chronic disease.

The reasons are simple: Modern medicine does not consider how the emotional and psychological conflicts we experience in our lives lead to mineral disregulation, metabolic dysfunction, and the failure of our cells to make energy and clear exhaust. A lack of cellular energy and the build up of waste products and toxins in the body leads to chronic inflammation as an attempt to heal. And, in this attempt, cycles of healing never complete themselves as nature intends.

Everyone we have met on our 15+ year journey of health who has received a diagnosis, is dealing with mineral disregulation as a result of emotional and psychological shocks. Ironically, most of the treatments further deplete the body of precious minerals, leading to further disregulation. And, the scare of receiving a diagnosis creates more psychological shocks that can prevent full healing.

If we are to get to the root of our illnesses, we must start from the foundation, and that is our minerals. This is our mission–to help people rebuild from the foundation so that they can begin to address the deeper causes in the psyche and emotional body.

My Philosophy

Hello, my name is Hamid, and some people call me the Mineral Shaman. Although, I originally came up with this name as a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor, it does encapsulate a lot of the work that I do. I have been fascinated by paradigms my entire life. At the age of 15, in 1995, long before terms like “paleo” had even been coined, I busted through the food pyramid paradigm and began eating an acenstral diet. My high school friends thought I was insane, but I soon watched as within 10 years this idea began to spread. Since that time, I have pulled at the threads of every paradigm I encounter from the so-called Germ Theory (really a germ hypothesis), to the notions of contagion, to metabolic health, modern psychology, and even the more recent alternative health dogmas. I later learned that dismantling paradigms is a long-treasured spiritual practice in some parts of the world, and that resonates.

Today, my work is a combination of all of the things I have learned from my own life experience and studies. In the 1:1 work I do with clients, we dive into the full human experience, from the psychological and emotional, to the mineral, and even the spiritual. My aim is never to heal someone, but to help them understand that their body is already attempting to heal and how to support it, trust it, and celebrate it.

If you are ready to break free of your current paradigm, please join me on this journey.

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