To The Mineral Revolution

In a world filled with healers, few are tackling the root cause. Psychotherapists focus on the emotions and traumas. Psychiatrists prescribe medications. Plant medicine practitioners work with the body, mind, and spirit but ignore the damaging effects of the medicines and the prescribed diets on minerals. And, the results speak for the themselves. Even in the alternative health world, few people have completely resolved their conditions, or become less dependent on substances to feel good.

The reason is both simple and complex: Nearly everyone is suffering from mineral disregulation and the supposed cures and treatments largely make things worse. It’s no wonder everyone is sick. We rarely meet anyone who is in perfect health. Instead, what passes as “health” today would have been considered “illness” just a few decades ago. We are normalizing disfunction.

If we are to get to the root of our illnesses, we must start from the foundation, and that is our minerals. This is our mission–to help people rebuild from the foundation.

If you are ready to truly heal, please join us for the ride.

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