To The Mineral Revolution

For the last century, modern societies have been down a path of medicine that has largely attempted to respond to the damaging effects of our lifestyles and environments by suppressing symptoms. While most doctors enter the profession with a sincere desire to heal people, the system itself prevents true healing in most cases of chronic disease.

The reasons are simple: Modern medicine does not consider how mineral dynamics within the body contribute to metabolic dysfunction and the failure of our cells to make energy and clear exhaust. A lack of cellular energy and the build up of waste products and toxins in the body leads to chronic inflammation. What modern medicine attempts to treat (which they call “disease”) are really just symptoms of this metabolic disfunction.

Everyone we have met on our 15+ year journey of health who has received a diagnosis, is dealing with mineral disregulation. Ironically, most of the treatments further deplete the body of precious minerals, leading to further disregulation.

If we are to get to the root of our illnesses, we must start from the foundation, and that is our minerals. This is our mission–to help people rebuild from the foundation. A well-mineralized mind views all with [Cu]riosity, and a well-mineralized body heals itself.

If you are ready for this new paradigm, please join us for the ride.

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